• Whet My Appetite

Bao Bei published in Sandu’s Whet My Appetitie:

“Whet My Appetite –Culinary Graphic Design is a book that showcases the newest and freshest graphic design for restaurants worldwide, a guide and inspiration of how to create an exquisitely culinary and rhythmically harmonious environment for diners to immerse themselves in such environment. To make the book stand out, we’ve done a large amount of research and selected the most outstanding case studies of restaurants, bistros, bars, cafes and all other types of eateries. There are even some conceptual banquets that present new way of dinning included in the book. This book will focus on branding and identity communications in each case, which may include designs of logo, menu, business card, tableware, packaging, interior, etc. Whet My Appetite — Culinary Graphic Design offers a novel overview of graphic design applied in restaurants and eateries, exploring the most beautiful and remarkable examples in branding communication.”